Register today for Understanding Your Anxiety, my free 1 hr webinar happening March 30th, April 1st and April 13th. I’ll share my anxiety story and the system I use every day to keep my anxiety in check and under control, as well a super quick and easy way to stop panic attacks. 

Oh my gosh! You're here!!

Welcome to 10,000 Swords. This is THE PLACE to stop letting fear and anxiety hold you back! I'm so excited you've landed here and you're ready to start defeating anxiety and growing your confidence in your ability to live life the way you deserve to live!

Together we'll work through tough that annoying and often terrifying voice that keeps you paralyzed, aching, angry and confused. Whether you're here to jump into my digital course, Break the Anxiety Habit, to explore coaching options, or even if you're just checking things out for the first time, you've already taken the first step and that deserves a hearty CONGRATULATIONS!

I'm here to help provide the system, the support, and the accountability you need to move from exhausted to energized, defeated and unsure to confident, and to be provide my best techniques to help you keep calm - even when anxiety tries to rear its ugly head. 

When you're ready, go ahead and schedule a free Breakthrough Session so you can nail down what you want and why you want it. 

<3 Megan

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Understanding Your Anxiety

Sign up right here for Understanding Your Anxiety;  my free LIVE Webinar and Q&A Session to teach you the system I use and teach you how to stop panic attacks before they take over.

In this webinar I will share:  

  • The system I use to manage anxiety in my own life every day that has changed my life from having sometimes 3 panic attacks a day to being panic free! (Think of it as a glimpse into your future!)  
  • The secret to putting knowledge into practice. (If simply knowing something was the key, no one would be struggling with anxiety.)  
  •  How support, systems, accountability, and confidence work together to help you take bold and focused small steps toward changing your brain over time.

You will also have time for a Live Q&A session at the end to ask all of your burning questions. I can't wait to see you there!

Break the Anxiety Habit

Lay the foundation for creating new habits that stop panic and break the habits that are keeping you anxious.

Breakthrough Session

You're only one phone call away from a breakthrough that will give you at least one major insight into what you can do to calm the worry, fear, exhaustion, and self-doubt.

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12 Week 1:1 Coaching Package

This is a 12-week 1:1 coaching program specifically designed for teenagers who struggle with confidence and anxiety. Each session is approximately 60 minutes and meets via phone or zoom each week and is supported through unlimited email and text support during business hours Monday through Saturday.

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Let's Hang Out!

I'm kind of new here and maybe you are too. I'd love to get to know you and find out what brought you to my little corner of the MemberVault world. I'd also love to dive deeper into what goals you have for yourself or for your teenager. Join me over on my Facebook page for my Live Q&A each Thursday at 1:00 EST. 

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